Indicates Required Fields.

User Name: Sets the User Name for the administrator.  DO NOT use admin for the username or password.  This turns the application into demo mode.
Password: Password for the Administrator.  DO NOT use admin for the username or password.  This turns the application into demo mode.
Verify Password: Password for the Administrator.  Entered twice for error checking.
Email: Administrators email address.  Used by Ban Man Pro for sending reports and campaign expiration notifications.  If entering multiple addresses, be sure the syntax conforms to that required by the email component you are using.  Some systems require a comma and others a semicolin.
Email Daily Report: Select this option for a daily report summarizing all campaigns.  This report is emailed directly to the administrator shortly after midnight each day.  A sample report is shown below.  The format is text.
Email Weekly Report (Sun-Sat): Select this option for a weekly report summarizing all campaigns during the past week.  This report is emailed directly to the administrator shortly after midnight on each Sunday.  The report covers the previous week spanning Sunday to Saturday.

Here is a sample report...

Campaign Name        Impressions      Clicks      Click Rate
Campaign1               52               1           1.92%
Campaign2               14               0           0.00%
Totals                  66               3           0.00%

Full Domain URL for BMP main program: Specifies the full domain path to the Ban Man Pro main application.  For example, if you placed the Ban Man Pro application in then the correct path would be

Note:  The first time you visit this screen upon successfully installing Ban Man Pro, the fields are automatically populated.  However, until you submit the values they are not entered into the database.

Server Path: Specifies the physical server path to the Ban Man Pro software.  This is set by the program the first time you visit the preferences screen.  This path is used to write the zone files which are required when serving ads in the Server Side Include (SSI) mode.

This directory requires special permissions in order to use the SSI mode.  View this support article for more information.

Note:  The first time you visit this screen upon successfully installing Ban Man Pro, the fields are automatically populated.  However, until you submit the values they are not entered into the database.

Email Program: Specifies the email program to be used for reporting purposes.  CDONTS is highly recommended since this is the industry standard for Windows NT Servers and is installed with Windows NT and Windows 2000.  If you are not sure what email component is available on your server, then simply run the email test.  For a list of mail components and web sites where they may be obtained, please visit
Mail Server: Specifies the mail server to be used for sending email.  Typically this is set to "" without the http:// information.  Note that for CDONTS this information is not used, however, all other mail components require a valid SMTP server.
Physical file path for uploaded ads:  In order to use the file upload option under the tools menu, you must specify the physical file path to which images will be uploaded.  By default, Ban Man Pro sets this parameter to a directory called "ads".
URL to images directory for uploaded ads:  Enter the full URL to the image ads.  This must correspond to the same physical directory as entered above.  Ban Man Pro defaults this to the "ads" directory. 

Notify Me Each Time A Campaign Expires: Check this box if you would like to be notified each time a campaign expires.  If checking this option, be sure that you have selected the proper email program which is supported by your web hosting provider.  New in version 2 this option will also send an email notification to the administrator each time a campaign approaches 95% expiration.  Note:  On high traffic sites this feature is not recommended as it requires an additional request to the database each time a banner request is made.  This tends to slightly decrease the performance.
Defeat Cache: Check this box to use special cache busting code.  This maximizes your number of banner impressions by preventing a browser from caching banner images.  Please also note that the level of cache-defeating is highly dependent on the ad serving code that you use on your web pages.
Require Unique Click Every X hours: Enter the number of hours in which clicks must be unique.  This must be an integer value.  Ban Man Pro will check if the user has clicked on the same banner during X hours.  If the user has already clicked the image during that period the additional click will not be counted in the database.  The user is still redirected but the click is not counted.  Typically this value is set to 1.  Some sites find that a value greater than 0 is required in order to prevent spiders from inflating their click counts.  Users are validated solely on IP address so for users coming from behind a proxy firewall, this feature will not work properly.
Date Format: Select the date format as MM/DD/YYYY or DD/MM/YYYY.  Ban Man Pro uses this information for display purposes to accommodate the different date formats around the world.  This must correspond with the date format on the web server.
Base Smoothing algorithm on X minutes of stats: Select the number of minutes to base the smoothing algorithm on.  High traffic sites with continuous traffic work great with a value in the range of 5--15 minutes.  Low traffic sites may require a higher value in the 30-60 minute range, especially if the traffic is erratic. Visit our support page for more information on the smoothing algorithm.
Number of Days to base Zone Averages On: Specify the number of days to base zone averages on.  This is used solely for computing the zone averages which are displayed when viewing all zones, or editing an individual zone.  The default is 7 days. These stats are updated just after midnight each day and reflect the past X days ending yesterday.  Impressions shown today are not reflected in the average.  Note that you can update these values at any time by updating your preferences.  This forces Ban Man Pro to recalculate the values.
Default Campaign Length:  Specify the default campaign length.  Ban Man Pro will use this when creating a new campaign. Ban Man Pro defaults the start date to today, while the end date will be X days in the future as determined by the "Default Campaign Length". 
Hide URL When Mouse Hoovers Over Image:  Check this option to hide URL's when the mouse is held over a banner ad.  Instead of displaying the URL at the bottom of the browser Ban Man Pro will display the text that was specified under "Alt Text".  If nothing is specified under Alt Text the user will see nothing at the bottom of their browser. 
Use Slot Option:  Check this box if your web site will be serving ALL ads in slots.  Please read about the slot option before choosing this option. 
Guaranteed Impression/Slot:  Specify that guaranteed number of impressions for each advertiser.  This option is only used when selecting the slot option.
Support Frequency Caps using Session Variables:  This option is provided to limit the number of times a banner advertisement is shown to a single visitor.  For example, you might limit a banner to 3 impressions per visitor. Please view the following support article for more information.

Select the reports visible to your advertisers.  Some web site owners prefer that their advertisers not be able to view click detail as well reporting by zones.  For a description of each report type, please view the Reports Help.